Work With Us

We believe in finding joy at work

Every employee brings something unique to the table.

When you’re solving complex business challenges, there’s no room for ego. That’s why our company culture is built on the idea that every employee—from executives to new hires—has the same level of value.

At Tridius, we give people the freedom to put their talents and perspectives to work. It’s our people-first culture that enables us to solve complex business problems. We’re always looking for new voices to improve our team.


People First. Technology Second.

We believe that understanding people and building relationships is the first step in solving complex business problems. Our employees understand clients inside and out, then work together to solve unique challenges with technology as the vehicle.

Every employee should feel comfortable voicing their opinions and offering new perspectives to the team. That deep connection is the key to creative problem solving and finding joy at work.

A Culture of Authenticity.

digital transformation is really people transformation

Our employees are true to themselves no matter the situation. We believe in resolving conflicts with humility, showing integrity with both actions and words, and continually striving to understand the perspectives of others.

We hire people who strive for perfection but are comfortable learning from mistakes without assigning blame and ready to grow with the team every day.


Freedom, Trust, and Flexibility.

Based in the fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth area, we give our employees the freedom to work flexibly. Whether the team works out of the central office, at a client’s office, or at home, we trust individuals to be accountable.

Breaking free of the traditional office culture allows us to broaden our hiring horizons, finding the most talented people to join the team.