Who We Are

The Team Behind the Ideas

Tridius: Inspire. Innovate. Improve.

Tridius: the three disciplines of “i” (inspire, innovate, improve) are the heart and soul of who we are and what we do. They’ve helped us build a company that focuses on people first to find the perfect balance between strategy, technology, and operations.

Rising to these challenges demands a fresh approach to problem-solving. We’re a purpose-driven consulting firm that believes in bringing value to everything we do. That’s why we’re always putting ourselves in clients’ shoes, doing what’s in their best interest, and willing to stand alongside them through the toughest challenges.

Who We Are

Philosophy & Culture

Designing our culture to reward authenticity, humility, integrity, and understanding has
fueled growth—for our employees, our business, and our clients. In everything we do, we
strive to inspire people, innovate technology, and improve business. Inspiration,
innovation, and improvement are the binding agents of our organization that propel the Tridius team forward to serve our clients with energy and passion.

Organizational Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire people, innovate technology, and improve business. We do this by uniting strategy and technology to impact every business positively.

Core to this mission are the following values:

  • Understanding: Understand the challenges from the perspective of others.
  • Humility: Resolve conflict in the spirit of truth, humility, and grace.
  • Integrity: Connect words to purposeful action.
  • Learning: Strive for perfection but learn from mistakes without blame.
  • Growth: Stretch, practice, and grow across multiple disciplines.
  • Authenticity: Stay true to who we are.

Why We Do What We Do

Bringing Humanity to a Technology-Driven World

Technology can’t solve business problems on its own. Transforming your business requires creative solutions to your unique technical problems. To best serve our clients, we act as more than just system integrators. We’re true business partners that add a personal touch to technology and business strategy. And with over 90 years of combined experience, we know what it takes to build trust and tailor our approach to your specific needs.

Why We Do What We Do
Bringing Humanity to a Technology Driven World

The Team Behind the Advice

Meet the team dedicated to helping you move your business forward.

Matthew Ramsey head of Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions at Tridius

Matthew Ramsey

President & CEO
Matt serves as the President and is well-versed at helping businesses find achievable and measurable solutions during challenging transitional periods.

David Clark headshot

David Clark

Chief Technology Officer
David Clark, CTO, is passionate about technology and using technologies like automation, cloud
systems, block chain, and machine learning to solve business problems.

Kevin Wheat headshot

Kevin Wheat

EVP, Sales & Strategy
Kevin heads up Sales with a special passion for sales culture, strategy and leadership.

Chris Widhelm

Chris Widhelm

VP Service Delivery
As head of Service Delivery, Chris is focused on creative problem solving that delivers
timely and quality solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

James Bernhard

James Bernhard

Infrastructure Architect
James brings to Tridius with a treasure trove of experience in Healthcare, IT infrastructure and acquisition integration.

Scott Pickering

Scott Pickering

Principal Analyst
Scott specializes in business intelligence, data analytics, and integration with a passion
for solving problems and improving profitability.