Enterprise Office 365 Solutions


Enterprise Office 365 Solutions

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 has grown from a suite of productivity apps - Word, Excel, Powerpoint - into a powerful, cloud-based team collaboration suite that enables your teams to not only co-create and share data, but to manage projects and the workflows that keeps those projects moving forward.

The team collaboration and project facilitation tools in today's office 365 include:

  • Microsoft Planner for project management;
  • Microsoft Flow for process automation;
  • Microsoft OneDrive for document storage;
  • Microsoft SharePoint for document distribution and collaboration;
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) for secure mobile collaboration.

Making Your Technology Work Together to Complete Projects

At Tridius, we’re experts in the Microsoft technology stack, including Microsoft Office 365. We help our clients with the end-to-end process of configuring their Office 365 tools and platforms so that your teams can use the tools to the fullest to get their projects done.

If your company has enterprise-wide projects that span departments and locations our process experts can help you:

  • Gather the requirements for the project;
  • Build the project plan;
  • Identify the resources and technologies needed to support the plan;
  • Configure and integrate those technologies;
  • Execute the plan to completion.

Making technology work together to complete a project is the process of:

  • Identifying the platforms and tools to be used - Flow, SharePoint, EMS, etc.;
  • Configuring those tools and integrating them so that they work together;
  • Ensuring the project team members have the levels of access they need - view, edit, approve - across the different platforms.

Advanced Cloud Services

While many consultants will offer cookie-cutter Office 365 solutions, our expertise with the Microsoft stack covers every facet of advanced cloud services, including system designing, deployment, migration, and ongoing support.

We’ll work with you from end to end and ensure that your environment is solid and your projects get done.

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