Microsoft Azure SQL Database


What is Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database is Microsoft's cloud version of its SQL Database.

We've found it to be the perfect database solution for large supply-chain businesses that have multiple facilities, vendors and clients that need to access their data from different web interfaces and cloud-connected apps.

We've also found it to be the perfect database solution for professional services providers such as medical clinics, accounting firms and law firms that have need for lots of data storage, but that don't want to be bothered with the maintenance and upkeep of on-premise database hardware.

Tridius Can Help You With Cloud Data

Cloud Database Connectivity

Our Azure SQL Database team has both database development and database architecture experts.

Cloud app development can be tricky, especially for development teams that are not experienced with cloud apps

If you're designing a new cloud-based app that needs a cloud-based database backend, our database development consultants can help you design and implement secure and robust connectivity interfaces to ensure that your application works the way it's supposed to.

Migrating Databases to the Cloud

Migrating legacy databases from one platform to another is a challenge. And the challenge becomes even greater when you're talking about moving from an on-premise architecture to a cloud architecture.

If you have legacy databases that you need to migrate the cloud, we've got the cloud database architecture consultants that know how to help you get that done, from database design, to data mapping, to data migration, validation, and testing.

Moving your data to the cloud will mean many good things for your business:

  • Connectivity to cloud-based productivity apps, CRMs, and ERPs;
  • Growth of storage capacity as need arises;
  • The security and disaster-recovery that come with the cloud.

If you're ready to move your data to a cloud-based solution like Azure SQL Database, we have the experts who can help you.  Contact us and tell us about your project.

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