Microsoft Azure DevOps


What is Azure DevOps?

Put simply Azure DevOps is Microsoft's software delivery tools suite.

"Pay me now or pay me later" is a maxim that every app dev manager is familiar with.

The more details we're aware of and can account for in the early phases of development, the less time we have to spend on the back end re-working and cleaning up our code. And that re-working and cleaning up can get very expensive.

Which is why you use dev ops tools - improve efficiency and reduce expense.

Tridius Helps You Deliver Better Software

You've got top-notch developers and now you're looking to give them the processes and tools to make sure they can produce the best software for your business.

As we noted in a blog on Azure DevOps, the continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment aspects of the tool help ensure the quality of your software.

With continuous integration, each developer's code is put into the test environment multiple times a day, enabling the discovery of bugs very early in the process, when they're easiest to fix.

With continuous delivery, completed components are released into production as they're ready, giving your users the benefits of the new functionality as soon as it's available and giving your code the benefits of being run through the rigors of production use right away.

With continuous deployment, code that passes automated testing can go directly into production without manual intervention, shortening the dev lifecycle of key components.

This is where Tridius comes in - helping you create the right software delivery process for your team and configure your Azure DevOps to facilitate the process, whatever your software delivery methodology is.

Configuring Azure DevOps

What does configuring DevOps entail?

Depending on the complexity of your process it will entail at least a couple, and maybe all five, of these pieces:

  • Azure Boards for project planning, tracking and collaboration;
  • Azure Repos for managing your code base using Git;
  • Azure Pipelines for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment;
  • Azure Artifacts for package sharing;
  • Azure Test Plans for designing and executing code tests.

Advanced Cloud Services

As you know, using a tool like Azure DevOps can greatly reduce the cost of software development by:

  • Giving your developers a standardized development environment to work in;
  • Facilitating collaboration amongst your developers;
  • Reducing the amount of "that wasn't supposed to do that" code that makes it into your production software.

An all of these things make for more productive coders and happier end users.

If you need help getting your Azure DevOps environment properly configured for your dev team, contact us today and tell us about your DevOps needs.

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