Microsoft Azure Analytics


What is Azure Analytics?

Microsoft Azure Analytics is a set of tools that help you store, visualize, analyze, and understand the data in your enterprise systems so that you can improve your operations.

At Tridius, we specialize in the following Azure Analytics components:

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Analysis Services.

How Do the Azure Analytics Tools Help My Business?

A good use case for how these tools work together to benefit a business would be re-design of product storage in a warehouse to optimize retrieval of products for customer orders.

Big Data Storage and Retrieval

You'd need as much data as you could get on customer orders and you'd need to be able to gather that data and retrieve it, in large amounts, quickly and efficiently.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is the perfect data warehouse for the large amounts of data that needs to be gathered to do the data analysis needed to optimize warehouse processes.

It supports elastic scaling that enables optimization of data management workloads as needed.

It's build to enable lightning-fast queries, retrieving large data-sets quickly.

It's highly secure, with built-in threat detection, and data encryption, as well as support for Azure Active Directory.

And it supports seamless integration with other data sources in your enterprise.

Retrieving Data From Heterogeneous Data Sources

In order to understand the whole order-fulfillment process you'd need to pull data from multiple different types of data sources, from sales systems, to order systems, to warehouse systems.

This is where Azure Data Factory comes in.

Azure Data Factory is Microsoft's "hybrid data integration service". It enables the pulling of data from heterogeneous data sources, along with data transformation of large data sets that can then be used by analytics tools.

Providing Data For Visualization and Analysis

With all that data gathered, our warehouse process re-engineering team would be ready to start using BI dashboards to visualize the data and do their analysis.

Azure Analysis Services facilitate transforming our warehouse data into a BI semantic model that our team can connect their BI tools to for the analysis process.

Machine Learning

Even an expert data analyst can have a difficult time finding patterns in the large datasets that manufacturers and distributors have to work with these days.

This is where Azure Machine Learning comes in.

Sometimes patterns can't be uncovered without years of data on multiple, seemingly unrelated data points.

Azure Machine Learning enables the testing your machine learning models at any scale with autoscaling of GPU clusters and integrates with Azure DevOps for experiment tracking and model management.

Advanced Cloud Services

Improving Business Operations Through Analytics

In the end, analytics is about collecting, analyzing, and using your business data to improve your operations.

If you're looking for a team of experts in the Microsoft Azure Analytics stack to help you design, implement, and use an end-to-end analytics solution to make your business run better, contact us today and let's talk.

Tridius can help you with that.

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