Microsoft Azure Active Directory


What is Azure Active Directory?

Azure Active Directory is Microsoft's cloud-based network identity services tool.

With your users accessing your network using multiple devices and apps, via multiple entry points, identity management with built-in security is the name of the game.

Azure Active Directory enables centralized building and management of user, service, and device profiles across your network environment.

Active Directory Single Sign-on

Your Director of Sales, Mike, needs to be able to view and edit all of the deals, accounts, contacts, and opportunities in your enterprise Salesforce.

Since he has a couple of teams under him - Sales and Marketing, he also needs to be able to view and edit the Workday HCM records of those two teams, but not any of the other departments in the organization.

With Azure Active Directory's single sign-on functionality, you can integrate your Cloud-based enterprise apps to with your AD and create and managed Mike's access to those apps from AD instead of building a profile for each app.

Azure Active Directory

Tridius Helps You Implement More Secure, More Manageable Network Security

Integration of Cloud-based apps with Azure Active Directory is fundamental functionality for AD admins.

But building  your profile hierarchies so as not to end up with an unmanageable, security-hole-fillyed, hairy mess of one-offs two years in takes experience and enterprise network security design experience.

Technical understanding is not enough.

This is where Tridius can help.

We begin with understanding the enterprise Cloud-app landscape of your business, and the department team roles, responsibilities, and access needs.

We then model your Azure Active Directory profiles using an object-oriented modeling approach that facilitates (1) getting the most usability for a given profile while (2) keeping the number of profiles manageable.

Manageability and security go hand-in-hand when implementing Azure Active Directory.

If you're looking at a new implementation of Azure Active Directory or you need help keeping your growing number of users and nodes organized, let the Azure AD experts at Tridius help you get your implementation manageable and secure.

Contact us today and tell us about your Azure Active Directory project.

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