Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions


What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's suite of cloud services, created to facilitate everything from Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Applications, to Cloud-based software delivery.

Our Azure team at Tridius specializes in:

Why Azure?

With all of the Cloud solutions available today, why would Tridius specialize in Azure consulting?

With Azure, Microsoft has created a set of services and tools that allow us to create secure and robust Cloud-based solutions for a broad range of business needs.

When a manufacturing client needs a warehouse management solution to track parts and equipment in warehouses in multiple locations, we know we can look to the Azure suite for the database, security access, and reporting tools we need for the job.

The sames is true when a medical practice client needs a patient intake system that is efficient, can support multiple sites, and complies with HIPAA regulations on storage and access of patient records.

The Azure platform has all of the services and tools needed to build these types of secure, Cloud-based solutions.


Advanced Cloud Services

While many consultants will offer cookie-cutter Microsoft Azure solutions, our Azure expertise with the covers every facet of advanced cloud services, including systems design, deployment, migration, and ongoing support.

We’ll work with you from end to end and ensure that your environment is solid and your project gets done.

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We're not just technology experts, we're process experts, too. Whether you're stuck in the idea phase or the implementation phase, the team at Tridius can help.

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