Privacy Policy

Last modified on June 6th, 2024

In today’s digital world, where innovations and technology have been paramount for the business landscape, privacy policy plays a crucial role in managing and maintaining a well-structured work environment. Since the current digital world is prone to many attacks and third-party issues, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy, including data, assets, and personal information.

This privacy policy deals with the process of Terralogic in collecting and gathering data from different resources. It also includes how we utilize, disclose, and secure it while interacting with the website.

What is Personal Information?

Terralogic collects or gathers information from the website that might include your personal information to deliver better user experiences through our impeccable tech-driven services. The data collected from the users will include personal insights such as names, residential addresses, email, etc. The information might be collected during your interaction with our website. Here are the detailed examples of the information collected.

Contact Information: It includes name, email address and contact number.

Account-related Information: It includes data we collect while you create an account with us such as username, password, and other account details.

Technical Information: It includes data and insights such as IP addresses, device information, browser type, and other details related to the operating system.

Usage Information: It includes information related to how you use our services like pages you visit, features you use, and the actions you carry out.

How We Use this Information?

The information Terrlaogic collected from the users through interaction with the website is used for providing customized and relevant services for users. With the utility of this information, we got a clear understanding of the current trends and technologies vigorously valued by the target audiences. Users can browse or interact with the website without revealing their personal information. However, if they tend to unveil their data, their identity will be revealed to us. It will help us to deliver which fields are needed and what can be optional based on the user’s priorities. The website also gives a choice of not providing information by avoiding particular options or features. This information will help create promotional content, newsletters, and personalized content that resonates with their interests and behavior.

How Do We Disclose Your Information?

There might be certain circumstances in which we need to disclose your information to third parties for the following necessities.

Service Providers: As an organization, we might share your information with third-party service providers to deliver services and enhance smooth operations.

Business Transactions: Your information or data is used for transaction operations, including assets of sales, merger acquisitions, etc.

Protection: There are chances that Terralogic might disclose the information for the sake of protection related to rights, safety, etc.

Securing Information

Focusing on reasonable security measures, we tend to protect the information from unauthorized access, utility, or disclosure. However, no transfer of data through the internet could be trusted.

Your Choice and Consent

After creating an account, we give all of our users the choice of receiving promotional, marketing-related emails from us. Users can remove their personal information by unsubscribing or deactivating their accounts on our website.

By providing personal data, we prefer the user’s consent for collecting and using information they disclose through a privacy policy. Our website delivers blogs and communities that are globally accessible to users. So, any information provided on the website will be used and read by the users who have access to the website.

Further Updates

We ensure Terralogic will update the privacy policy accurately with a new version of the website. You will be notified through our website in case any material changes occur.