Improved Patient Intake

A Custom Application Streamlines Costs and Improves Patient Experience

The Problem

The patient intake process can be cumbersome with diagnosis, forms, insurance, and other processes that slow down the ability to process a patient through the system quickly while delivering superior care.

Inefficient processes were surrounding the patient intake process, coupled with a technology platform that was not designed to disperse data made it difficult for management to gain critical insights on key metrics that impacted this organizations ability to improve intake time and compete nationally.


The Idea

Our strategy, business analyst and technology consultants started by observing the environment to interpret the extent of the issues. We looked at how they were engaging technology as a part of their process for processing patients through the system.

A model designed in an application was suggested for streamlining the patient intake system to improve intake processes such as getting the patient to the right doctor and to more effectively communicate with outside organizations like insurance and suppliers. The application would streamline the consolidation of data and provide awareness to key business indicators.

The Outcome

An application for tracking patient intake across all 60 clinics improved patient experience and reduced costs due to more efficient processing. Consolidation of the company's data structure allowed the executive team a vital vision into the organizations market position, moving this organization from a regional to national provider across many competitive markets.


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