Advanced Cloud Security

Giving this prominent wealth management firm the confidence to migrate their data to the cloud.

The Problem

Wealth management ties into an entire financial market from banking to credit cards, and as a result, it is often the target of cyber theft.  And while the client had a decent security platform in place, they needed guidance on the best avenues for moving various parts of their systems to the cloud, while maintaining the maximum amount of security required to protect their client’s data.

Case Study 3 - keys

The Idea

Tridius knew that the way to get to the answer was through an assessment, so they looked at what it would take for this wealth management firm to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. They studied the impact on security, applications and technology architecture, carefully looking for gaps that could compromise this client’s environment.

The suggested model was to create a multi-layered authentication system designed on a secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in an Office 365 environment. This would allow access to the right people at the right time as to not disrupt the customer-eccentric relationship between the employee and their clients.

The Outcome

The client was able to migrate parts of their system to the cloud with the confidence that their data is secure while providing their team with the convenience of servicing their clients quickly and from multiple locations.

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