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Gamify the Performance of Multiple Distribution Center Employees

The Problem

This distribution center was encountering inefficiencies associated with the turn time on orders, order tracking, employee productivity, and turnover.

What the management team needed was a way to gain visibility into the performance of each warehouse without impacting employee morale and culture. They wanted to create a fun method for analyzing individual performance to tweak the system to improve turn-around time and drive down costs.


Case Study 4 - iPad

The Idea

Our supply chain experts observed the work environment to understand better how employees performed their jobs. What they found was that every warehouse did things a little differently and visibility across the board could streamline and standardize processes.

The idea for solving the problem was centered on the development of a custom application that digitally transformed the environment allowing management and staff to have real-time visibility into picks, packs, and shipping. Instead of just studying the numbers, the Tridius team suggested placing flat screen TVs in all the warehouse locations, displaying individual employee performance form a dashboard view. If they could gamify the process and incentivize employees to compete, productivity would naturally go up, and employees would have fun in the process.


The Outcome

Sure enough, it worked!

The implementation of the custom software package rapidly improved turn times and helped resolve tracking issues quickly. Employee productivity was quickly realized and felt throughout the entire organization with improved culture and productivity levels.

Management too got what they needed to gain visibility into employee performance with the ability to baseline and make continuous improvements.


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