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Tridius tackles several types of projects, but the results are always focused on one thing: helping our clients find better strategies, models, insights, and technologies to accomplish their desired outcomes. Read up on a few of our latest projects and decide if Tridius is the right partner for you.

    Technology Implementation Leads to Organizational Efficiency

    Discover how a global energy company with offices throughout the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-PAC digitize process to drive down costs and increase employee productivity

    The Problem

    This organization had various products that were being sold and leased to the Oil & Gas industry. With 36 product lines and employees located globally, this organization needed to find a way to integrate their data platform into their process environment to improve customer relationships, efficiency, and employee productivity.

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    The Idea

    Tridius took the approach of starting with an assessment to observe the daily management of product orders and delivery. They discovered that while the organization had a robust ERP system in place, employees had to manually log equipment and search through a lengthy list of forms to receive and deliver equipment. Knowing that this process needed to be consolidated, Tridius suggested the idea of integrating their forms through SharePoint, giving all employees – worldwide- a digitized method for processing interactions with applications and customers.

    The Outcome

    SharePoint and Microsoft Azure Cloud were leveraged to support an infrastructure that would streamline internal employee and customer communication and bolster organizational productivity across the globe. Forms were moved from a manual to digital process, reducing employees process time and eliminating the need for additional headcount.

    A scalable technology platform, coupled with digitized processes have now given this organization the ability to expand their reach and strengthen the relationships they have in place.