Considering the fact that customer experience (CX) has become the primary battleground for competition, mid-market organizations are in a tough position.

On one end, mid-market organizations face disadvantages as SMBs adapt rapidly to emerging technologies without concern for complex legacy infrastructure. And on the other end, larger enterprises are able to leverage deeper pools of resources to invest in new waves of innovation.

Even if you’re pushing the IT organization to push existing infrastructure to its limits, rolling out new features and services isn’t happening fast enough to meet customer expectations. Your IT team just doesn’t have the dedicated resources to get the full value from all the features contained in most on-premises software—managing security, widespread features, email systems, document policies, and more is just too much for a mid-market team to manage.

That’s why one mid-market credit union came to Tridius for solutions on ways to streamline operations and migrate existing email and development servers into an Office 365 and Azure DevOps environment. The result was two-fold: The team was able to reduce overhead and tactical processes without sacrificing compliance while freeing up resources and time which resulted in a noticeable improvement in customer experience.

From Maintaining Infrastructure to Unlocking Software Value

The backstory:

In the wake of digital transformation projects and increased demand from business users, being in the business of maintaining servers was proving too time-consuming. The upkeep for the credit union’s aging infrastructure wasn’t worth the resources the IT team had to invest in it.

Rather than managing constant infrastructure expansion and maintenance, the IT team wanted to leverage cloud technology to reduce many of the repetitive tasks their team had to undergo when gathering requirements, scoping projects and delivering on time. More importantly, the team wanted to improve the end-users experience with a streamlined system that reduced the time of development, exceeding customer expectations.

The Tridius team, working alongside the credit union’s IT team, studied their current processes and designed a new plan that incorporated both process and technology to help the team maximize the Microsoft O365 and Azure feature set reducing daily, repetitive tasks that could now be automated and monitored in a cloud environment. Instead of managing and upgrading complex and aging infrastructure as well as daily back-ups and software updates, the IT team now can streamline workflows to get development requests into the live environment faster and more efficiently. And given the secure nature of both Microsoft and Azure DevOps in combination with the security expertise of the Tridius team, the internal IT team was able to spend less time worrying about security, data loss prevention, and ongoing infrastructure maintenance, and more time on increasing the value they deliver to their end-users.

For the IT team, this shift to cloud-based Azure DevOps and Office 365 meant a streamlined development pipeline. And that migration has led to benefits that significantly impact the customer  experience.

Turning IT Benefits into Customer Experience Success

In many cases, a mid-market financial services company might hire an IT consulting firm to ensure success during a cloud migration. But working with Tridius delivered more than just a cloud migration for this credit union.

Here are a few specific ways that the Tridius program helped this mid-market credit union:

  • Eliminated the need for SQL server maintenance and independent services
  • Expanded the availability of Azure DevOps features across the IT team
  • Reorganized the code base to improve efficiency in the development pipeline
  • Implemented automated build and deploy processes for greater efficiency
  • Optimized processes to increase the visibility of what’s in progress while improving the predictability of timelines as new development requests come in

All of these improvements to IT operations boil down to time and money. The project, while technical, helped the team recover valuable resource time. Recapturing time enabled the team to gain a better view of what they could accurately accomplish, giving them the ability to react more quickly to customer requests for product changes and enhancements, directly impacting the customer experience.

At first, you might not look at Azure DevOps cloud migration and Office 365 as investments in customer experience. However, when you find the right partner for the shift, you’ll experience benefits that span both backend operations and customer-facing initiatives.

Finding the Right Partner to Implement Advanced Cloud Services

The key to implementing advanced cloud services is finding a partner that will go beyond the base requirements and come to the table with proven knowledge of your business and the complicated intricacies of the cloud environment. It’s not enough to have a consulting firm help your IT team adopt new software—you need to optimize processes and innovation for creating efficiency that benefits the entire organization.

Learn more about how Strategic Planning & Process Innovation can positively impact your next project.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services offer multiple features that can benefit mid-sized businesses. It was an ideal choice for this mid-marketAzure Cloud credit union—but the company still needed to find the right partner to unlock the value of Azure DevOps and Office 365.

The credit union chose Tridius for a few key reasons:

  • Our deep experience with the Microsoft platform. We have team members who have been on (and currently are on) the VB Rangers.
  • We have migration experience in addition to process-side expertise to help clients optimize operations in their new environments.
  • Our team can migrate many disparate, on-premises systems into a single, cohesive, cloud-based environment.
  • We have worked closely with financial services companies in the past, so we understand the IT requirements for compliance and security and value what’s most important to these types of organizations.

Adopting advanced cloud services with Microsoft Azure is the best way for mid-market financial services firms to achieve agility without sacrificing security and stability. But finding the path forward can be challenging when you’re faced with sophisticated infrastructure and a lack of resources internally.

We helped one mid-market credit union find its path to infrastructure modernization and improved customer experiences. If you want to learn how we can help you implement advanced cloud services, click here for more information on our expertise with the Microsoft platform.

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