What Makes a Good Interim Manager – Some Qualities to Watch Out For

What Makes a Good Interim Manager – Some Qualities to Watch Out For

There might come a time in your organization’s life in which it requires interim leadership. You might sense leadership gap or you might be dealing with an unexpected departure of a key manager. This is where an interim manager comes in. Although a temporary position, this person will play a key role that will define how quickly your company will stabilize from this difficult situation. Being an interim manager requires character. In this critical situation, you surely need to choose the right person for the job. Here are some characteristics that make a good interim manager:

They should have Remarkable Change Management Skills

Surely, this is a time of disruption and instability in the organization. An interim leader should be able to process this and make significant contributions for positive change to happen. They should be able to adapt and continuously look to improve. What’s more, they should be able to question previously held beliefs as every organization has a different structure.

They Should Have Good Communication Skills

For an interim manager, communication skills are of key significance. They have to convey a message that the company’s employees might not like. This can be challenging as egos might be getting hurt. The interim manager should have experience of dealing with conflicts and providing solutions that are better for the organization in the long-run.

They should be Able to Think Strategically

It is all the more important for an interim leader to be a great strategic thinker. They should always focus on helping the company achieve its long-term goals, long after they are gone. This requires careful planning and business acumen.

They should be Flexible

When the interim manager joins, the times will be that of great uncertainty. It would require an interim manager to be flexible and adaptive in her approach. Whether it is implementing unconventional recruitment policies or traveling, they should be willing to do what it takes to set the organization on the right path.

They should be Results-Oriented

Finally, interim manager should be focused on delivering long-term results. They should be quick in experimenting and figuring out what is working best. From trying out different marketing tactics to experimenting with different online channels, they should be able to create an actionable strategy that delivers. What’s more, they should be able to convey these pointers to the leadership that follows. We at New Light Technology Group partner with your organization during tough times and ensure that we implement a highly skilled interim executive leadership in your organization. Our team of business consultants help set you up towards the right path.

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